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Selected IED Project Experience

N/N Client Brief description
1 AG LLC MEP Design of 200-room ski resort hotel in Georgia
2 AG LLC Design of foreign embassy building expansion
3 Karcom Auto Service Architectural and MEP Engineering Design of commercial building for an automobile company
4 Confidential Electrical and electrical design of a residential building in Kotayk Region
5 Confidential

General layout and detailed design of engineering design of residential and recreational development in the Lake Sevan region

6  B2B      Development Topological and geological surveys of an area for new gold-mining plant in Megri region, Armenia
7  B2B      Development Design of electric transmission line and electric distribution substation for the gold-mining plant in Megri region, Armenia. Provided topological and geological analysis for a right of way and developed detailed design of a 10 KV line between the existing 110 KV line to the proposed site of a new gold processing plant
8 Deno Gold

Electrical engineering design, construction and installation oversight of Laboratory and Administrative buildings for Gold Mining Company in Kapan, Armenia.

9 DHD LLC for Spring Energy Technical support to DHD Contact in completing the energy efficiency of the pumps for turbines at the Kotayk Irrigation Canal Hydropower Plant.
10 Deno Gold Design for rehabilitation of a large building that was under disrepair and failing foundation.
11 Deno Gold

Provided complete oversight of the electrical reticulation of an existing building on the gold processing site, the so-called Electron building (2400 square meters). The work covered all aspects of design from concept to actual completion of the project.

12 Deno Gold

Design and construction oversight of a large bridge crossing the river that separated two parts of the gold mining facility which would allow for loaded trucks to carry rock from the mine to the processing plant site.

13 Confidential

Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineering design of multi-story office building

14  Confidential Interior design for a retail store in Yerevan Armenia
15 Spring Energy

Due diligence for Tsakhavan HPP that included preliminary redesign of the intake structure and irrigation pipeline and analysis of the turbine bearing problems at the power plant.

16 Deno Gold

Deno Gold was daily washing all their 40-ton trucks with the water, oil and detergent falling directly on the ground in violation of environmental regulations. A new system was needed for capturing all liquids from the truck washings and to sepa- rate out the oil from the rest of the liquids. The project identified several different options for the 3 sites at the plant where the trucks were washed, engineered and designed on the preferred option and oversaw all work related to their installation.

17 UNDP GEF UNDP project for the development of a building energy certification program in Armenia consistent with European Union legislation. Project included the energy audit of 5 residential buildings, the development of least cost energy plans for each building and a proposed energy certificate for each building.
18 Spring Energy Pre-feasibility study for the Arates HPP site in southern Armenia.
19 IEG LLC Pre-feasibility studies for Aghavno 1 & 2 HPPs located in Nagorno Karabagh.