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Local services

IED’s local services are mainly focused on Construction and Energy Sectors which are the most important and rapidly developing areas of Armenian economy. Our local services cover all phases of every project from Pre-Feasibility Study to Post-construction Services. We provide our clients with all aspects of architectural and engineering design as well as material break-down, cost estimate, on site supervision and construction management.

Definition of project phases and IED’s role at the each stage

The definition of the various phases of development for a particular project from initial studies through post-construction should be understood by the client and outlined thoroughly in the client IED agreement. The most-often-used phases of development include the following:

  • Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies

To assist our clients in determining the scope of the project and the extent of services to be performed by various parties, IED may enter into an interim agreement for services relating to feasibility studies, environmental impact studies or reports, master planning, site selection, site analysis, code and zoning review, programming, and other pre-design services.

  • On-site investigations

With the support of our associates, IED provides the range of necessary on-site investigations including but not limited to measurements and preparation of as-built CAD drawings, initial and final topological and geological surveys and analyses. 

  • Environmental Impact Studies

Determination of environmental studies and reports required for a project and preparation of such reports, special drawings, or other documents that may be required for governmental approvals are normally performed under separate agreements. Attention should be given to zoning, soils, and the potential of hazardous materials in any form. If any impermissible hazardous materials are encountered, clients should be advised so that they can obtain the services of a specialty consultant to determine what course of action to take.

  • Programming

If the architect is required to prepare the program of space requirements for a project, the program should be developed in consultation with the client to help the client recognize particular needs. Space requirements, interrelationships of spaces and project components, organization subdivision of usage, special provision and systems, flexibility, constraints, future expansion, phasing, site requirements, budgetary and scheduling limitations, and other pertinent data should be addressed.

  • Conceptual Design

During this phase of development, our architect evaluates the client’s program requirements and develops alternatives for the project design and overall site development. A master plan may also be developed during this phase. The plan serves as a guide and philosophy for the remainder of the project development or for phasing, should the project be constructed in various phases or of different components.

  • Schematic Design

During this phase, the project team, including all specialty consultants, prepares schematic design documents based on the conceptual design alternative selected by a client. The documents may include schematic drawings, a written project description, and other documents that can establish the general extent and scope of the project and the interrelationships of the various project components, sufficient for a preliminary estimate of probable construction costs to be prepared. Renderings and finished scale models may also be prepared at this time for promotional and marketing purposes.

  • Design Development

After client’s approval of the schematic design, our architects and specialty consultants prepare design development documents to define further the size and character of the project. These documents include applicable architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, materials, specialty systems, interior development, and other such project components that can be used as a basis for working drawing development.

  • Construction Documents

After approval of the design development documents, the architectural-engineering team, together with the applicable specialty consultants, prepares construction documents, consisting of working drawings and technical specifications for the project components. These include architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and civil work, as well as general and supplementary conditions of the construction contract for use in developing a final detailed estimate of construction costs and for bidding purposes.

  • Construction Phase Services

Diligent construction phase services are essential to transform design into a finished project. The IED team continues with the development process by issuing clarifications of the bid documents and assisting in contractor selection. Also, during the construction period, the team reviews shop drawings, contractor payment requests, change-order requests, and visits the construction site to monitor the overall progress and quality of work. Architect and engineering personnel involved in the design of the project are available during construction to provide continuity in the design thought process until project completion and occupancy. 

  • Post-construction Services

Follow-up with the client after construction completion is essential to good client relations. Periodic visits to the project site by our architect and other experts through the contractor’s warranty period are considered our regular practice.

Local representation services

International companies, who are planning or have established business in Armenia, sometimes are faced with serious challenges, mostly based on language and cultural differences, lack of local legislation knowledge etc. Local representation office or services that we can offer to our clients significantly reduce time and effort required to overcome at least some of these challenges. We offer to our clients and partners support in the following areas:

  • Logistics;
  • Translation;
  • Legal research & documentation;
  • Identification and qualified service providers;
  • Oversight of all local contracts; and,
  • Partnering with international A&E designing in Armenia.

IED has knowledge and legal basis for A&E designing in Armenia. Western style management practices, management controls and procedures are instituted in our Company to ensure consistent and efficient use of resources. Regional representation services IED has established a network of A&E partner firms throughout most of the NIS countries and can provide regional services through our partners firms in those countries.

Offshore Outsourcing Services

Architectural and engineering firms, design consultants, architects, real estate firms and property developers have discovered the value of outsourcing architectural design services to IED with a goal to provide added value to their customers through specialized architectural design services, technical expertise and high-quality standards, reduced costs and quicker turnaround on projects.

We can handle almost all of the crucial steps of the Architectural Design Process and will give you reliable, consistent, high-quality results at competitive rates. Our team of qualified, experienced architects and engineers is capable of addressing your specific needs ranging from architectural design to outsourcing CAD services with CAD drafting and CAD conversion services, to architectural visualization - with animated 3D walkthroughs, outsourcing 3D rendering.

Our team comprises of Engineers, Architects and Draftsmen who have rich experience across various industry verticals and are familiar with codes of practice globally. We can seamlessly put together your data and sketches to give you accurate final drawings. We not only convert, but also add value by pointing out errors and correcting them whenever needed. We ensure quality not just from a conversion standpoint but also from an operational and functional perspective. By outsourcing CAD conversions to IED, you can benefit greatly from our extensive experience in designing floor plans, creating elevations, 3D rendering, structural, electrical, plumbing and HVAC layout designs.